You would start something.

For yourself.

You would have only one customer or one follower or one fan: yourself.

And your only aim would be your own happiness.

You would try to make yourself improved.

And you would work for that. you would produce for that.

Along the way you would like to present what you do, to outer world. And people highly probably would like what you do. Those products, doings, experiences of yours would present your bodied ambition. The outcomes carved with ourselves and ambition, usually are loved. People would pay for that. They would ask to see that, get that. They would become your second customers, followers, employers, employees. And your first customer, your first follower would be happy for you, would be proud for you.

Maybe with this new milestone, you would start to fear. Fear to loose what you have. Your salary, your company, your status, your title, your position, your lately added somethings, your lately added someones.

…And you would stop to do with ambition, and you would start with hesitation.

And you would start to try. Try to protect your status, your image, your company, your customers, your followers, your job.

The very big side-effect such fear-born action would be loosing yourself. And the result could be devastating.

Remember you were your first customer, first follower, first fan.

And you acquired him / her with what? You did not have neither money nor company. But showing your ambition to yourself and delivering under any circumstances.

And if you loose your first customer or follower or fan, you would start to walk down path to the hill. You would crumble maybe slowly but surely, when you start to try to please not yourself but others.

So don’t stop thriving for your first customer’s happiness.

At the end, just fulfilling others’ wishes will not make you feel whole, if those wishes are not aligned with your innerself. And if you forget that, i believe that could be your utter failure.

Respect your first customer.

Respect yourself.