Blaise Pascal (matematician) said in a letter once:

“I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.”

Some enterprises or corporates want to put so many text on web a page -an action diminishes the message they want to give. There are thousands blog posts showing that users are skimming the page rather than reading it fully and yet most of time this researches are ignored. Why do they do this way? Enterprise arrogance? Fear of missing an important paragraph or sentence? Or maybe They don’t want to work on a text for a long time to decide which sentences or words to be excluded while preserving the core message and do it over again? I don’t know.

The core message here: Users are skimming, know that. Be careful about the paragraph widths, use bullet points, be careful about line height, exclude words or sentence if they can be excluded rinse and repeat.

At the end it comes to this:

How many things you want to say vs. How many things I want to listen.

What is your motive on this? If you want to be read, focus on the things and users.