Tech makes so many things easy. But sometimes towhere a unnecessarily and harmful point. Removing obstacles is good but until some point.

Before phone, you would have to appear in front of the one you need to talk. You had to go there and you had to face them even for a difficult conversation. You had to walk to walk, you ha to need to talk to talk You had the see the results of your conversation, impact of your words on his/her face. Disappointment, anger, sadness, happiness etc.. Lots of feelings to deal with.

Phone made it easy. You can’t go for every conversation in international, so it is nice development. But phone also made tough conversation easier than face-to-face for the ones don’t have enough encourage to show up.

Then messaging era came. People now introduces themselves on Whatsapp. Some texts appear in front of you, saying “i am some-name. i am sending this message because-of-some-topic.” Some words that is turned to bytes. No human voice but easen the stress of hearing “i can’t speak right now” rejection. Sender of the message eases the stress of ambiguity, rejection etc. Sender is more comfortable with that. (Well “she broke up with me with WhatsApp message” or “we ended our agreement over text”) No need to deal with feelings might come toward you. You are in control in messaging.

The need to deal with inner feelings makes us do what we do. So phone made it easy, texting made it easier. Less and lesser human also…

Before credit card, you had to count and put gold then money on table while shopping. You had to feel the separation feeling with every gold coin or money paper. You would count, your hand would feel the separation and this process would help to your brain to recognize, notice, awaken on something called economics.

Credit cards made it easy. You can’t carry such an amount, so that is nice development. But we just give a card and swipe then! Bye 500 USD. No physical change in the wallet.

Then one-click era came. In Amazon or another credit card saved e-commerce site, you just press “PAY”. You don’t need to look your wallet, you don’t need to take your credit card from wallet. You don’t need to pass it to cashier person… Just a click. For the brain, this is just a click. There is no obstacle for realizing, awakening. No separation feeling. No stress. Easy becomes eazy towards lazy.

And war 🙁 … Via tech advances, it is easier to press a button for sending a nuke, flying a drone by using a joystick and ending some lives. No need to deal with hard feelings, hesitation, burden of putting and end of the life of a human being while in you are in your comfortable chair. To your brain, it feels this as just pressing some button

Tech makes so many things easy. But sometimes unnecessarily and to where some harmful point. Removing obstacles is good but until some point. We need obstacles to realize what we do. And “ARE YOU SURE?” warning popup doesn’t suffice.