If you work in creative area,  why don’t you forget that career advices that says “your Internet Profile should be consistent, you should be sure in social media.”

i believe, the creative professionals who is in search of very different out of box creative solutions  to the customers should have very inconsistent and conflicting Internet profiles. What could be more natural than having an inconsistent and conflicting words and internet profile for a creative professional who is spending all time searching for creative and different perspective solutions for  customer.

This inconsistent and conflicting trait, should be your only  consistency. You  should be consistent in being inconsistent. Then they shall understand that you are  definitely looking to problem from different angles and testing the outputs of  your offer.

If you decide to leave a trait on Social Media about your work process, then  your trait should leave your followers, your readers with the impression of the “WTF?!, WOW!, Peh, Meh!, idiot!, brilliant! is he / she alright”

So be inconsistent, be conflicting, be conflicted. You can’t walk confident in unknown. Unless you are fake. Unless your apathy knows no boundaries. Remember… There is no room for apathy in searching for “a New”.